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Spring came early to the Northwest this year—Thank God Almighty. 65 and sunny is pretty much unheard of for February in Portland, unless of course we’re in an El Niño pattern, which—SURPRISE!—we are. Environmental scientists may very well point out that there can be disadvantages stemming from such a weather pattern (such as a reduced salmon catch due to warmer Pacific Ocean waters), but I’m not complaining one bit. I’ve been revelling in the warmth and light, and putting on my best pouty face on the days the rain returns. Too many years in the South for college have spoiled me. I’ve forgotten who raised me.

The other reason I’m so stoked that Spring is here—I’ve got a renewed sense of purpose for my year of “Kill it. Crush it. Own it.”

I’m motivated to get things moving. I once again crave knocking the snot out of myself on a run through the Southeast hills. I’m finishing projects that I started five months ago and let sit through the winter (see photo at left; one of two dressers I decided to re-finish in October. I just completed number one ha ha).

The sun is out and I want to be BUSY. I want to walk places in my sassy new cow girl boots. I want to sweat out all the winter toxins at hot yoga. I’m itching to plant our first round of veggies in the garden. IKEA is calling me to redecorate my room. My blog, which has sat dormant for two long, cold months, is demanding to be updated and used as a platform once more.

And here’s the thing—I feel compelled to give into each and every Spring stirring that moves me. I’m powerless to stop myself from barreling out of hibernation at full speed, zero to 60 in 2.5  seconds. Beat that SSC Ultimate Aero!

Am I totally crazy? Did somebody slip me something in my comfort tea this winter? I won’t press charges. Promise. I’d probably give you a big, fat hug and then ask you where you got the good stuff!

I don’t know about you, but I feel my best when I have 20 projects in the works, six more percolating in my brain and an unlimted supply of inspiration to be a human verb every day when I wake up. Spring seems to get under my skin in the best possible way. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some serious itching to do!

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  1. Your enthusiasm inspires and energizes me! I say, “Bring it!”

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