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Enough said.


  1. I have watched this a dozen times and will probably watch it a dozen more…
    Such a simple, beautiful, and powerful idea!

  2. Powerful fact: Women reinvest 90% of their income into families, while men typically reinvest only 30 to 40%!

  3. Also, anyone who liked this video – check out this grassroots org that makes it easy for everyone (including us strapped-for-cash bunch) make a difference for girls around the world:

    • thismadwickedfolly
    • Posted August 10, 2009 at 9:46 am
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    It’s inspirational, isn’t it? I did my fourth year research on the effect that girls’ primary education has on a country’s GDP (and of course all the contributing and flow-on factors it brings: better health, better sanitation, more cohesive, safer communities, gender equality… the list goes on).

    Some data was problematic, but basically ensuring that all girls finish primary school can mean an increase in GDP of around five per cent. That’s enormous!

    For such a small investment, huge gains can be made.

  4. What a beautiful video. And a stunningly simple concept.

  5. gripping. From a purely geeky, technical POV, the kinetic typography in this piece is solid. where most videos that over-do this treatment w/repetition, this one is kept me engaged thru-out. the music choice was spot-on as well. such a powerful message and also a great way to get ideas across.

  6. What an important concept, to value girls in developing countries. Girls are more than half the human race, if we don’t value girls we’re only living half our potential.

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