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dsmithhschoolheadshotThis is what I’m talking about people!

Brain tumor hits and your insurance won’t cover the treatments you need in order to live? Speak up or die trying! Fight like hell. Force their hand if you have to.

Dawn Smith is doing just that. Through the power of her voice, she was able to exert enough pressure on CIGNA, her health insurance provider, to get some of the tests + treatments she needed to to live with her brain tumor. Dawn’s a smart cookie though. She knows change doesn’t come easily, so she’s headed to Pittsburgh to have a candid conversation + make a lasting impression on CIGNA.

Tomorrow, Dawn arrives at CIGNA headquarters, where she’ll attempt to meet with CEO Edward Hanway to discuss the intense pain and suffering that is fostered by their broken system—pain and suffering she has experienced first hand, despite being a model customer of CIGNA. She’s also bringing with her hundreds of messages of support from her fellow Americans in prescription pill bottles. Talk about a making an impression.

It’s a bold, gutsy move. And it’s exactly the kind of action we need in America. But I’ve yakked on long enough. You need to hear Dawn’s voice, not mine.

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  1. My mom was just telling me today about one of her patients – sweet 24 year old girl – who she is now treating for excruciating pain because a mole on her back metastasized and tumors have spread to her brain and the rest of her body. She knew she needed the mole removed before this happened, but she couldn’t because she didn’t have health insurance. Now, that she has health insurance, she can’t get the treatment she needs for the tumors in her brain. So, she’s going through chemo treatment after chemo treatment, trying to prevent it from spreading further until her health insurance provider will agree to pay for the treatment that she really needs. Ugh. This girl is going to die before she is 30 because she couldn’t get a mole removed before it sent her to the hospital. Thank goodness for the Dawn Smiths of the world because Lord knows something needs to change.

  2. Obesity as a pre-existing condition for INFANTS? A 4 year-old was denied healthcare coverage cause he was too fat. Good thing his daddy is a news reporter.

  3. and by INFANTS, I meant BABIES … hey, where’s the delete button around here?:)

  4. this is a frightening read, and i hope the recent healthcare reforms being debated will address such issues

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