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Have I mentioned I love Portland? I mean, what’s not to love about a city who centers its fashion week around green and sustainable digs? Now, I know it might seem kind of silly to some that Portland would even attempt to hold a fashion week. To you I say: Get your noses out of the air. Portland isn’t Milan or Paris. It never has been. Never tried to be. Doesn’t want to be.

What Portland does want is to be known for being a sophisticated, sexy, banging Green metropolis (ranked number one again, what?!?!!?). And we’ve got our own brand of style that goes right along with that. An eco-focused fashion week is well within the branding model. Add to that: proceeds go to the Children’s Cancer Association, emphasizing another Portland creedo–giving back to the community. Totally legit mega bang for your buck.

The only downside that I can see right now is that the seventh annual Portland Fashion Week is still six months away. I don’t want to wait that long, damn it!!! However, since the world most decidedly does not revolve around me, I suppose I’ll have to delight myself with getting to know the organizers–Tito Chowdhury and Chris Cone–in hopes of landing an interview come runway time. I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting Tito (who told me all about the event and got me super revved up about it–GOOD PR SKILLS!!!) and I just want to end this post by plugging a cause he’s championing.

You see Tito understands that first lady Michelle Obama has got it going on and that she’s smart cookie as well. She gets the importance of organic nutrition and gave supporters of that movement the nod by planting an organic victory garden on the White House front lawn (which I took obvious pleasure in, seeing as I posted twice about it). Tito wants her to take her commitment (and presumably the Obama Administration’s commitment) to the next level. FASHION. Check his Facebook cause page and join the campaign (he’s trying to get 200 members! Don’t you want to be the magic No.200???)

The First Lady has long been a symbol of style for American women. Michelle Obama has the potential to be a new-age Jackie O. with the kind of coverage she gets for her designer choices. Tito just wants her to make conscious choices and throw in designers who are creating sustainable and responsible clothing that is also hot to trot. Can you pick out which of the clothing items below are “green?”


Unless you picked all of them, you won’t be winning any door prizes tonight. But that’s OK. I just wanted to make a point. Green fashion isn’t synonomous with yoga wear and nuetral colors anymore (not that any of that is bad! I love me some Lucy yoga apparel! I’m just saying that we’ve broadened the artistic landscape with positive results). Now we can have bright colors, edgy design and you would never know that the inner workings–the fabrics, the dyes and the labor are all eco-friendly and responsible. Damn. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we!

So check out Portland Fashion Week. And if you live in the area, make sure you come and support our local scene, designers and the Children’s Cancer Association. You know I’ll be there, in all my Green Glory!


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